If you are currently using an upright or cylinder vacuum cleaner, you're pulling a lot of dead weight around.

      With a built-in vacuum cleaner, your home will be cleaner, your carpets will wear longer and your environment will be healthier.

      A central vacuum system can be installed in existing houses in a few hours with minimal disruption.

      It takes seconds to empty the bin and this need only be done 3 times a year.


      Like all good ideas, the concept is simple. A power unit, comprising a dirt receptacle and an electric motor, is housed in a remote location (for instance a garage or a cupboard) and connected by concealed plastic ducting to inlet valves strategically sited throughout the building (4 being sufficient for a large house). A variety of cleaning heads can be attached to a length of lightweight flexible hosing which when inserted int a valve, automatically switches on the system.
       Think of everything you hate about vacuum cleaning and then forget it because we've blown it all away - the noise, the lugging, the dust bag, the black belt, the trailing cable, the plug, the repairs, the dust. Subject to normal usage, the system is guaranteed never to clog - for life!

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